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Empath Awakening*

Information and Self-Care for Empaths

Have you ever thought that you were an empath? The author states in the subtitle that this book will help you with the negative aspects that that (though more is covered). The first chapters of this book explore the typical traits that empaths possess as well as the different types. Next, she looks at what empathic abilities are and how empaths can avoid negative energy so they don’t feel overwhelmed. But as empathy is not something that can be switched off, she next offers ways of self-healing. Chapter 6 has the same title as the book and discusses how to grow as an empath and learn to read energy. The next chapter is an interesting look at the different types of alternative healing like reiki and reflexology. Not all healers are empaths nor are all empaths healers, but I found this to be an interesting look at how empathy can relate to a variety of healing modalities. The end chapters look at energy shielding, the possibilities of forming toxic relationships with narcissists, and other pitfalls.

I think the book is basically well organized, though I might have put energy shielding along with the earlier chapter on negative energy and self-healing with energy healing. The author has a friendly and accessible style. She identifies as an empath, so the information she shares has a ring of personal authenticity, not just a repackaging of topics gleaned from other sources on the internet—which, unfortunately, books like these often are. The chapter on empaths and narcissists correlates to another book of hers, Toxic Magnetism, and a section within that chapter also reflects another of the author’s books on codependency. If you believe you might be an empath, you might find this helpful read so that you can protect yourself even if you align with others on a variety of levels.