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Emotional Intelligence Handbook*

Not Quite What the Title Says It Is

I think this book bundle is inaptly named. Only the first book in this 2-book bundle is specifically about emotional intelligence; the other book is about procrastination. Personally, I don’t think that self-discipline or procrastination have anything to do with emotional intelligence. The introduction to the book on emotional intelligence let me know that the way the author perceives and defines emotional intelligence is different than the way I do. You might want to take a quick look at the book’s intro and table of contents to see if his vision of it resonates with you. It did not with me. This first book in the bundle is well organized given his take on the topic, but I do question his inclusion of chapters on positivity and mindfulness. It makes me think that the author is grasping at other popular pop-psych buzzwords to bolster what could be seen as an inadequate take on emotional intelligence. There definitely are a few tiny nuggets of interest in this book, but most of them don’t really have to do with emotional intelligence. Some of his discussion of what he said was EI, too, didn’t really seem to be about EI. Again, rather, they were more about general pop-psych topics that were only peripherally about EI.

The second book is actually called the Mastery of Self-Discipline, but you will note that I stated above that it is about procrastination. To me, that is what the book seems to be more about rather than self-discipline. I think if a book is about a topic, an author shouldn’t prevaricate. Call it what it is! Again, there are interesting little nuggets here, but little that has not been talked about in other books about procrastination.