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Lack of Romance

I love a good Regency romance, but unfortunately in this book’s case, I felt it lacked in several key areas. The central characters did not seem to grow or change. While the book did have some humorous or intriguing scenes, it often seemed more for effect than substance (like furthering the plot or showing characterization). I did not find the heroine particularly engaging, and the hero felt remote. In the early parts of the book, at least, I felt like the author used far too many exclamation points. The characters couldn’t have been that excited over what they were discussing. The dialogue seemed unnatural, with characters using words and phrases in combinations that aren’t typically done either in real life or other historical fiction. While I am generally not opposed to adverbs, as many seem to be in fiction writing today, I thought that this book used too many that did not actually illuminate what they were supposed to. The book lacked progressive complications within the romance plot itself (though there were other complications) and a substantial crisis and climax. The hero and heroine weren’t together enough for the romance to build. I actually went online to see if this was actually categorized as a romance, as it didn’t feel like much of one to me.

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