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Embrace of the Shade*

Backstory Woven in the Way it Ought to Be!

I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for just about any fiction novel that in some way has to do with a mysterious book or library. This one has both. I love the chemistry between Kin and Amarie. It sizzles from the start and weaves its way through the book in a delectable way, including well-written, contextual sensual scenes. The story had plenty of action to keep it interesting. I love how the authors maintain a certain degree of mystery about the main characters’ pasts. Fantasy, unfortunately, is the genre that most often falls prey to my most hated thing in genre fiction: the information dump, overwhelming the reader with backstory right at the start. This was not done here, for once—yeah! Instead, we get to know about the world and the main characters slowly as we need to better understand them. In fact, I think the way the authors did it is inherent to and necessary for the story itself. If we knew it all the beginning, the story would not have been so gripping, or the novel itself such a page-turner. So, well done, ladies! I look forward to the next book in this trilogy as well as the greater universe that the trilogy is the starting point for.