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A Writing Academy!

What a novel concept for a fictional academy! There are so many YA novels written about various types of magical schools, but this one is a nonmagical one just for writers. Calliope’s parents decide to send her off to a boarding school that has no extracurricular activities because they want her to focus on her schoolwork and not on writing. They had been most displeased to see that she had spent time working on a story for a writing contest rather than her homework; they do not approve of dreamers. Little did her parents know that the academy they sent her to was actually a secret school just for would-be writers; of course, anyone who has taken French would understand that a school called Ecrivain would have something to do with writing! I thought this was a fun take on the academy concept. I thought the bit with the parents was a little overblown, and sometimes Calliope’s reactions to what happened to her at school seemed a bit much as well. But as a lover of literature and writing, I found myself smiling more than once at the happenings in this book.