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Dragon Unearthed*

Marooned Dragon Shifter and Archeologist in Galactic War

The prologue takes place a thousand years ago, when a spaceship of a dragon shifter race of aliens, the Drakkonians, is making a rendezvous with others of their kind. But it doesn’t get there because the crew gets sidetracked when scans of a blue planet, our Earth, tell them that the Earth has much gold. This is something the Drakkonians need in their galactic war against the Orlin. But gold is hard to find in their part of the galaxy, so they make a detour to Earth to see if the scans are accurate. However, as they are in low-earth orbit, a solar storm erupts, and their solar shields aren’t working correctly. They crash-land to the surface.

Fast forward to contemporary times when archaeologist Jemma discovers a cave painting showing dragons. She believes it to be one of the earliest depictions of dragons in ancient art. Imagine her surprise when a naked man comes out of the cave, proclaiming that she is his mate! He is Kai, the leader of the crew who crash-landed 1000 years ago. He has been in hibernation as a form of self-preservation much of that time, but the smell of his chosen mate awakens him.

What will become of Jemma findings–both the painting and the strange man? Is there still danger from the galactic war after all this time?

I love the way the author set the scenes, both in the Drakkonian past as well as in modern times. The prologue read like the great first scene that you see in science fiction movies like the first reboot of the Star Trek series. We are immediately thrown into a dangerous situation, making us wonder how it’s going to turn out. Jemma is a realistic and empathetic heroine, as we first see her dealing with an ex-husband who was able to get the rights to the research that she did as a part of his team in their divorce proceedings.

If you enjoy page-turning alien science fiction includes dragon shifters, you might find this book a great way to spend an afternoon.