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Dragon Prey*

Dragons Aren’t All Cute and Cuddly

This book is a part of a greater universe called Cloud Lands, but I have not read any of the others of this series/universe. In fact, this is the first book by this author that I have read. Let me say right off the bat that you don’t have to have read any other books in this universe to understand this one. I enjoy fantasy and don’t read straight-up fantasy as often as I would like. I think fantasy is such a complex genre, and oftentimes independent authors don’t do it well; so I have been turned off by it at times at my favorite book review sites.

I am so glad that I was drawn to give this one a try. It is so well written. The descriptions and depictions of what is happening make you feel like you are there. The author pulled me right into the story with a dramatic event; I love that. The characters, particularly Sidren and Kreysha, were complex and well drawn. The danger to Sidren and her people, as suggested by the title, was palpable and kept me turning the pages. I found myself intrigued by Sidren and Kreysha’s evolving relationship and Kreysha’s interactions with the members of Sidren’s clan. The author has created a complex world and complex characters here, but she makes it feel realistic. Sidren and members of the clan react in completely relatable human ways, which doesn’t always happen in fantasy. I like the way that the author demonized only some dragons, subtly bringing up the concept of prejudice. This book is full of action; it will keep you turning the pages to see what will happen. This is a delightful introduction to this author and this universe. It won’t be my only foray.