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Don't Feel Stuck in Love*

Wonderful Collection of Exercises and Journaling That Could Be Used For More

I was surprisingly delighted by this book. I tend to be a very picky nonfiction reader because I have written some myself, and I really think that nonfiction should promise what it’s going to deliver and deliver on that promise. This book did that and then some.

While this book is about love, specifically finding your perfect ideal relationship, the exercises that she gives throughout the book could actually be applied to anything that you want to help bring about in your life, like pursuing your passion instead of just having a job. For instance, exercises and journaling about things like clearing blocks and figuring out what you really want can apply to many situations.

She sells herself short in the subtitle. This is not just a book about journaling. While each section has a journaling exercise, she has done so much more. She gives you actual tactile exercises to do for many topics, which do appear as though they would key into different aspects of your right and left brain and subconscious and conscious minds. The book is a bit jargon-y in places, with buzzwords like “kaizen” and mindset being used. But the exercises she offers are rock solid. Excellent job, Ms. Johnston.