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Dominating with Content Marketing*

Some Information, No Dominance

I have been marketing various businesses for over 20 years, so I’m always interested in different books that come out about marketing. I know that content marketing is a buzz phrase that is used a lot right now, so I wanted to delve more deeply into the topic. I’m a big nonfiction reader, and I will admit that I hold nonfiction writers to a rather high standard. I believe that a nonfiction book needs to deliver on the promise of its title and subtitle. The author has given herself a rather large task with both, as the titular idea of dominating a particular field requires a very high level of expertise and work; the subtitle, too, promises a lot: that you will gather more leads and sales for less money.

Setting such a high bar for herself, the author did miss the mark with this book. You will definitely learn about content marketing as well as more specific information about six particular types. But I don’t get the sense from this book of how one can dominate with content marketing, or you can how you can actually get better results, leads, or make more sales. That connection wasn’t truly drawn in the book. I thought that some of the examples given of fictional people went on for too long and didn’t really add much to the information provided. The book is good with definitions and descriptions, but the tasks given in the chapters fall short of truly aiding the reader to create these pieces of content marketing because the details are too sketchy for someone who has never made them. In the introductory chapter on content marketing, the author talks about quite a few different types that she doesn’t address, some of which could have at least been explained briefly, with perhaps resources given if that interests you. The author also missed several different types of content marketing. At best, this book will whet your appetite to learn more about marketing-based content creation, but it won’t truly help you create it. Therefore, you cannot dominate your niche with the knowledge that you will glean from the contents of this book.