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Do As I Say*

How Far Will She Go?

Justine’s world has just been turned on its head. Her boss at an online magazine, where she has a pretty cushy job, has just died, and the new boss is his grandson, who does not have such a laissez-faire approach. In fact, he’s giving her only two weeks to prove her worth to the magazine. To what lengths will Justine go keep her job? And what is she going to do about her attraction to the new boss?

I found the writing style of this hard to read. It read like Justine’s stream of consciousness, making it choppy and not wholly coherent at times. Lots of one-line paragraphs and short-phrase sentences broke it all up too much, not allowing for a cohesive flow of narrative. At times, also, I felt like the author was trying too hard to be funny, making many instances of potential humor fall flat. Justine’s head is not a comfortable place to be in on several counts, including the ones just mentioned. Also, she is very self-centered and takes little personal responsibility for her actions.

Rather than finding this a fun romantic comedy, I found this to be a disjointed work that was actually hard to read because the narrative flow–and the right amount and type of humor–just wasn’t there.