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Diary of a Psychic*

Interesting Look into the Life and Mind of a Psychic

While not a diary in the truest sense, in this book, a psychic shares both her insights about her experience of the psychic world and her experience of the everyday realm as seen by a person who considers herself a psychic. In the first part of the book, she explains what the psychic world is to her, how she experiences it, and the beings and entities that she has interacted with. Then she goes on to give her opinion about a variety of topics, from narcissism to psychic attacks to what we eat. The book isn’t quite what I expected, but I still found it an interesting look into the psychic world from someone who states she is an empath and psychic. There are definitely a few surprises and little-known concepts in here as well as more well-known ideas about the psychic world. The book is a relatively quick and easy read, and it certainly has the potential to open up your mind to think about how much there could be to the world beyond what can be readily seen, heard, and felt.