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Diary of a Ghost Whisperer*

Otherworldly Realm from Psychic’s Perspective

While the blurb of the book makes you think that it may give a fair amount of information about working with ghosts or otherworldly entities yourself (or what to do if you encounter one), it is more of a reflection of the title as it is mostly about the author’s own ghost stories. She even has some pictures! I found this book to be an interesting glimpse into the world of a psychic medium. There is a small amount of information at the start of the book about the different types of otherworldly beings that one could encounter (and that the author has). There is a very brief section at the end with the author’s recommendations and tips if you want to try to work with the lighter end of the spirit spectrum yourself. She doesn’t recommend actually interacting with ghosts (whom she distinguishes from spirits). If you like ghost stories, you will most likely enjoy the ones shared by this author as well as her personal take on the otherworldly realm.

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