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Diamond in the Dust*

Take an Armchair Trip to the Outback

This is the second or third book that I have read by this Australian author. I remember so enjoying the first one because she really has a way of depicting what life is like in the outback with such clarity that you feel like you are there. This book is the same. From the first scene where the heroine is nearly run down by the hero while he’s driving a big truck, I swear I could taste the grit in my mouth and feel it in my nose just like the heroine. I think it’s really cool that the author was able to portray life so vividly as to make it seem real. Outside of the wonderful descriptions, this is a sweet and beautiful love story between two very complicated individuals. The heroine, we slowly learn, is still recovering mentally and physically from a traumatic accident that nearly took her life. While his backstory is not quite so life-and-death, the hero also is experiencing shifts and changes in his life. He has some grand aspirations that he pursues even though he knows his father would not approve. The hero and heroine, as you might imagine from my description of the first scene, don’t quite get off on the right foot, but they do have a fairly instant attraction to each other. This does evolve and become more profound, and it is a lovely process to watch unfold. I am glad that my Kindle has the attached vocabulary definition function as I had to look up quite a few Australian colloquialisms. But the author’s use of the uniquely Australian termed added flavor to the book. I recommend this book.