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Devilishly Sinful Rogues*

A Rogues’ Gallery of Tales

This delightful collection of six Regency romances explores some of the familiar tropes we all know and love in the genre: a fake betrothal, a widow not wishing to remarry, second chance at love, a bluestocking finding love, an impoverished nobleman seeking an heiress, and people who have no desire to marry.

Book 1: The Rake Takes a Wife by Aileen Fish: Jonas’s grandfather wants to know he’ll settle down before he will allow Jonas to inherit his estate. Jonas asks his friend’s sister—whom some would consider to be on the shelf—to play the role in exchange for a season in town.

Book 2: Scandalous Redemption by Amanda Mariel: Widowed Claudia only desires a lover after the death of her brutal husband, not another man to rule over her. Will that be enough for Lord Shillington, or is he only more interested in the honorable choice of marriage?

Book 3: Dealing with the Viscount by Clair Brett: Ella and Renwick had a deal that appeared to take a tragic turn. When that turns out to be not true, will they have a second chance at love?

Book 4: When an Earl Turns Wicked by Dawn Brower: The Earl of Harrington is quite content in his life that includes running a club; his grandfather wishes he would give up his licentious ways. Lady Marian wants nothing more than to be a physician—and has even been training—but she is not being taken seriously because of her gender. She devises a foolproof plan, she believes, and charms the earl to make him take part, against his better judgment.

Book 5: A Marriage Made in Mayfair by Tamara Gill: After a bad first season caused in part by Lord Danning, Susan returns to London wanting revenge. Lord Danning requires an heiress to shore up his crumbling financial circumstances and wants nothing more to charm and seduce Susan to achieve that end.

Book 6: My Duke’s Seduction by Tammy Andresen: Lady Tricia wants nothing more than to devote herself to charity work; no husband or family for this daughter of a duke. Family ailments bring her to a seedier part of London, where the Duke of Landon protects her. The duke knows he must marry one day but hasn’t had a desire to until he meets the impulsive woman who risks her own safety to help her family.

Despite the title, not all the men here are rogues. In fact, several of them are quite honorable from the outset! Sometimes, the women are more roguish than the men.

As is typical in collections like these, the writing quality varies by writer, but the stories are a good read if you like Regency Romance. Four of the books are first in series, and the other two take place in the middle of a series, so if you like a book, you have more rogues to read about! I’m familiar with some of these authors, but some of them were new to me, which is always the fun part of a collection. I’ve definitely found more authors that I will follow.