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Death on the Line*

Unique, Funny, Sizzling Paranormal Romance

My goodness, what a fun and original story! I enjoy paranormal romance, but this was like none that I have read. I feel like I barely know what to say about it because it is just such a unique read that has to be read to be fully appreciated. The book is told in the alternating viewpoints of the hero and heroine; he is Death, and she is one of his soul calls. He escorts souls to the afterlife when people die. The heroine is zany and quite amusing; the hero, as you might imagine, is a bit more serious. His “life” has been lonely and quite humdrum, and he is very intrigued by her. They actually do have chemistry that sizzles off the page. The story takes some surprising twists and turns. The book is very humorous in places. I enjoyed the way that the contemporary world and the world of Greek mythology interplayed in the story, and I am definitely looking forward to the next book of the series. I hope the author can surprise me with the next installment as well.