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Dear Time, Are You on My Side?*

Gets You Thinking Differently about Time

This amazing book will have you examining the concept of time from a variety of perspectives that will help give you clarity on your own relationship with time, how you can make it more fluid, and how the passage of time is immaterial to your wants and needs as you grow and mature within your own self, in your relationships, in what you choose to do, and in your purpose in life. The book creator has brought together 19 women with unique relationships and insights into time based on their own life experience. The book is divided into five sections: What is Time?, Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number, Fear is a Time Robber, Heartbeat to Heartbeat, and Change the Course of Time. The end of each section has a place for you to reflect on all the concepts of the part as well as free journal; at the end of the book, you’re given space to rewrite your life from a new perspective on time.

Each of the authors shares a part of their own story, reflecting on time and what it has meant, means, and will mean to them. They talk about shifts in perspective and knowledge gained. Some of these are dense reads, while others are very straightforward to get through. I found all to be valuable, and each got me thinking. The exercises at the end of each section help anchor the concepts that have been discussed and give clarity on what they can mean to help you live your best life.

Here are some topics in the book: Living Timelessly–Ego and Time are Not our Enemies; Managing the Me in Time; But When is the Timing in Life Ever Right?; Life, Not According to Plan; The Wait is Over… Your Time is Now; and A Premature Lesson in the Value of Time.

If you find yourself grappling with issues of time, from time management to greater concepts like feeling like you’re running out of time because of your age, this book will give you a more in-depth perspective and a way to reframe the concept of time is so that we end the struggle with it and instead work with as we evolve on our road to becoming the best person we can be.