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More Troubles with the Vampires

At the start of the book, Deacon learns that the rogue vampires have taken Milly. He is able to rescue her, and he takes her back the alpha’s home. He tells her more about his background of being turned in a partial vampire after having survived a vampire bite; his wolf hasn’t been able to shift since. He had pushed her away earlier in order to protect her, but they both know that they are mated and meant to be together.

Have they subdued the rogue band of vampires? Will Deacon and Milly consummate their bond? What other dangers lie in store for them and the rest of the pack?

I found this book a little hard to read at times, even though the relationship between Deacon and Milly was fascinating to read, because there were formatting, punctuation, and grammar issues. In particular, the author seems to like to write the narrative passages in one long paragraph whenever they occur, not breaking them into smaller paragraphs for easier reading. One such paragraph was four pages long on my Kindle, and I don’t use large type. Commas are often problematic in indie published work, and this book had issues with commas missing between independent clauses in compound sentences joined by a coordinating conjunction as well as others. Some quote marks were inappropriately placed. The plural *vampires* was misspelled once as vampire’s. The dialogue, too, didn’t seem natural, not the way people actually speak. There wasn’t enough distinction between each character’s dialogue as well; everyone seemed to talk like each other.

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