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Daily Guide to Help Rewire Your Brain*

I Don’t Understand the High Reviews

My goodness, where to start with this book? I don’t quite understand how this has gotten so many high reviews here. It is barely a book, especially if you take out the repetitious information. I find the title a bit overblown for what the book is. It is about affirmations. The author just seemed to load the title with popular buzzwords and catchphrases like rewiring your brain, mind hacking, and positive thinking. The author does talk briefly about affirmations and the power of the mind, but honestly, some of it is actually laughable and just dead wrong. For instance, he stated rather boldly at the start of a paragraph in the introductory section that most people suffer from mental illness. I am a nurse, and I would strongly disagree with that statement.

The book is somewhat strangely organized. The bulk of the book, as you might imagine, is taken up with affirmations on typical topics like gratitude, passion, abundance, confidence, etc. But what is bizarre about this very short book is that, for whatever reason, the author lists the affirmations for each topic twice, the second repetition being the same sentences with the words “30 seconds of calm music” in between each affirmation, as if he were talking about a recording of the affirmations. Nowhere in the PDF I got as a review copy showed any links to meditation tracks from the author. What’s odd, too, is that one chapter is full of affirmations on a variety of topics, the ones I mentioned above. The next chapter is just on strength, just as short as those other topics (not expanded, which could make it need its own chapter). Why wasn’t this just included in that chapter, or conversely, why weren’t all those that were listed in the one chapter put out into their own chapters? It’s just rather strange. The affirmations themselves seem fine, but nothing groundbreaking on these topics.

For the issues mentioned above, I can’t recommend this book. If you are looking for affirmations, you would be better to look at other books or just go onto YouTube and search for the kind of affirmations that you’re looking for.