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Cupids & Crooks*

Vacation a Little More Than They Bargained For

Presley’s not having much success looking for a new job; it seems she is overqualified for most of the ones she is interested in. Cooper surprises her with a vacation to a fancy resort in Cabo San Lucas. Presley’s thrilled to get away and hopes for nothing more on her agenda than fun. But that wouldn’t be Presley’s vacation now, would it? Soon, a Mexican soap opera star is found murdered, and a journalist suggests this is not the only star to meet such an end. How can Presley not get involved?

So who is murdering celebrities in Mexico? Will Presley help sort it out? What will Cooper think about this addition to their vacation?

I continue to enjoy seeing Cooper’s and Presley’s relationship evolve. They are fun and funny to read about. I enjoy their banter. As has happened in the last few books of the series, the author has done away with the mini prologue scenes where she gives a little taste of something happening around the murder itself. I miss these short scenes. They tantalized, making you wonder how they would fit into the bigger story.

That said, I enjoyed this latest of Presley’s and Cooper’s adventures.