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Cupcakes and Killers*

Who Would Kill an Old Man?

Read Wine is open for business and appears to be doing well. Patrons especially love the cupcakes. Unfortunately, one of their elderly customers dies right in the shop after he’s enjoying one. Though this man is a senior citizen, making one assume his death is from natural causes, it is soon determined that he died from poisoning. Steven and the stalker are still around and causing problems. Cora and Jonathan are planning their wedding. The ladies discover that Jonathan has been keeping a secret.

Who would poison an elderly man? What will happen with Steven? How about the stalker?

Just like the first book, even though there are mystery elements, this doesn’t really feel like a true cozy mystery to me. It feels more like chick lit with a little bit of mystery and intrigue thrown in. That’s not necessarily a bad thing as long as you know what you’re getting into. I do like to watch the relationships between three women. The series is a little different than most because it has continuing elements that span multiple books, like the stalker and Steven, but still has a standalone mystery within each novel.