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Cupcake of the Month*

The Best Part of this Book was the Recipe

I read the first book of this series and was ambivalent about it, so I wanted to give the next book of the series a try as I like to give authors a second chance to impress me when they have failed to do so the first time around. Unfortunately, I was not impressed by this book either. I could never quite buy the hero and heroine as a couple. They didn’t really have any chemistry, and the need that they both felt to keep such ultimately silly secrets got in the way of any sparks between them (and also my own enjoyment of the book). When I say silly, I don’t mean funny; rather, I didn’t understand why the characters felt the need for all these secrets. Once I realized what the “cupcake of the month” was meant to signify, I found it to be sexist and more than just a little icky. The best part about this book was the delicious-sounding peach whiskey cupcake recipe in the back. I doubt I will be checking out other books in this series or other books by this author.