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Cooking with Kandy*

Cooking Show Celeb in Danger

Kandy is a popular food show host and cookbook author to whom strange things have been happening lately.  Family and co-workers think she needs a bodyguard to protect her against somebody who clearly is wishing to harm her. Kandy doesn’t want her life restricted. She eventually does agree to a bodyguard, and Josh–a private investigator who does a little protection sometimes–becomes a fixture in her life. As they spend time together and get to know each other, an attraction develops between them (though he was attracted to her from the beginning).

Will they be able to figure out who is threatening Kandy’s life? Will Kandy and Josh give into their feelings for each other?

The book pulls you in right away as you see Josh on Kandy’s set while he’s waiting to talk with someone about the job. The author does a good job of describing the food show set and Kandy’s presentation. I wondered how much food TV she watched! I’ve never been on one of those sets but what she describes seems very realistic. Kandy seemed like a real person, with vulnerabilities, despite her fame. The author has created a fascinating set of secondary characters who are a delight to watch in themselves, especially Kandy’s mother and sisters. Josh and Kandy had good chemistry.

If you enjoy bodyguard romance or romantic suspense, you might like this delicious (recipes included!) book.

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