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Color of a Soul*

Can She Find Her Soulmate Before It’s Too Late?

Jason is at a tourist location on Lake Ontario that was supposed to have been a special getaway spot for him and his near fiancee, but she broke up with him. Unfortunately, the place they were to stay has a no-refund policy, so he decided to take the romantic vacation by himself. Here, he meets Kelsey, and they fall into a surprisingly easy and empathy-provoking conversation. She is quite unlike any other woman he’s met, but that is an understatement! She’s not a woman but rather an undine. She has come from the Otherworld and only has a few days left on Earth before she must go back to her Realm because she has been unsuccessful in finding her soulmate. To remain on Earth, she needs to join with another soul.

Some writing in this was a little awkward, but still the author was able to convey the feelings of both of these characters convincingly. I can sense how Jason was at a true crossroads in his life, not only losing his girl but his job as well; it was fun to see him perk up and come alive in his discussions and interactions with Kelsey. For our heroine’s part, it was lovely to see her unfolding wonder as she began to realize that Jason had potential to be the one, first in his acceptance and understanding and then in his obvious growing affection. The author did an excellent job describing the scenes and the settings—I felt like I could visualize them—though I wished at the end that she had given a little more detail on the exact undine-soulmate process that had to take place. I think that could have been fascinating to read if it were like the other well-done descriptions. I loved that first scene with the pixie!

I felt like this story needs a little more conflict and tension because the middle was mostly just delightful scenes between the hero and heroine. Still, though, I did enjoy these characters and their story. I like that the author has a brief epilogue that shows how they fare.