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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Box Set*

More Pop Psych than Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This box set contains two books that purport to be about cognitive behavioral therapy. To me, the first book seems like it is more like a short pop-psych book with a little CBT window dressing. The second book gives a lot more information, relatively speaking, about actual cognitive behavioral therapy. I actually think that the order of the books in this set should be flipped. Interestingly, the first book seems to be relatively well edited while the second book needed a good copy editor to help with grammar, punctuation, and repetitiousness. At times, I thought the author’s tone was a little harsh, to “get real,” so to speak. I don’t think that kind of tone actually helps people who want to change their lives positively. All in all, the box set is disappointing because the bulk of it, book one, really isn’t about cognitive behavioral therapy beyond the first introductory chapters.