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Change of Heart*

Slow-Burn Friends-to-Lovers with Focus on Family

Em is just coming down from double heartbreak after her boyfriend of sometime left her for her best girlfriend. She goes to a lovely little cottage by the sea to lick her wounds. Originally, she and that girlfriend had been planning to go together; her new cottage mate is actually the best man from her sister’s wedding. Devin is a pediatrician who devotes much time to his patients both stateside and in Costa Rica. As they stay together in the cottage, they become friends. When they both return to their normal lives, they maintain the connection and eventually become more.

This is super slow burn friends-to-lovers romance that has a big focus on Family and what that means and how it shapes our actions and lives for both the families we are from and the families that we create (which are not always formed by bonds of blood). I loved the intergenerational aspect of this story; I loved both Gran and Ava (what a little sweetie!). Both Em and Devin are good and decent people who deserve each other and the life they want to create. I was surprised at the amount of landscaping discussion in this book! The book did feel a little too slow at times. The story arc covers a significant amount of time compared to how long the book is. The author sometimes glossed over and summarized events in some places while perhaps showing too much detail in others. But if you just accept that and go along for the ride, this is an enjoyable book.