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Carried Away*

The Power of Music

In this somewhat confusing short story, a young woman who is a violin prodigy wins acceptance into a special music school after a brilliant audition. When tragedy strikes, she has trouble coming back to her music. What will happen when one who was blown away by her audition tries to help her find her passion again?

As someone who has played music for a long time, I found the author’s portrayal of what it is like to be carried away by music—which happened several times in this short story—to be accurate. The power of music is amazing! This story is told from the perspective of the young man who witnessed her audition and wanted nothing more than to work with her. As often happens in short stories or novellas, there was a bit of an information dump right at the start, and the time between the major performances seems was more told than shown. This story seems to take place in something other than the modern world, but I can’t quite put my finger on it just from this short story. It almost seems like a fantasy in nature than anything contemporary or historical, though it does have aspects of both olden times (like forms of address) and modern times (like references to jobs). That’s the part that made it confusing. Perhaps all will be revealed when the main story is published later this summer.