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Candy, Carpenters, and Candlesticks*

Halloween in Comfort Cove

Even though we’re several books into the series, it feels like Paige is still settling into her life in Comfort Cove. She has some new ideas for the bookstore, and a batch of used books turns up an old love letter. Things heat up when somebody connected to the letter turns up dead. The book is also about Paige’s relationship with her Italian boyfriend, Marco. When the book starts, he is still in Italy after his grandmother’s death; when he returns to Paige, they both want American Halloween to be special for him. Things certainly never run smoothly in this little town and certainly not for Paige. She seems to attract trouble, which of course is fun in a cozy mystery. I enjoyed the Halloween parts of the book, and I was amused that Paige was so happy about that holiday since she is an actual witch—even if no one knows that she is outside of her coven. I actually wish that there was a little more witchy-ness in this story, as I love paranormal cozies. As often happens in cozy mysteries, this book felt like it was more about Paige, her friends, and the community rather than the actual mystery. It’s a relatively short book, and in such a small amount of words, it is hard to get the balance between the cozy aspect and the mystery aspect. Still, I have enjoyed this series, and this installment was no exception.