Callie's Second Chance for Love*

New Life and Love for Small-Town Doctor

Small town physician Callie, the heroine, is taking on too much at work as the only doctor at her clinic, so she hires a relatively new doctor to assist. He gets into town early and, immediately has to help a town resident with a minor injury. Callie is a little put out by this; she’s going to have a hard time giving up control of the patients who are her neighbors and friends in this small town. Callie’s a widow with a young son whom she hasn’t had much time for as she is so busy with her job. Robert, the new doctor, wanted to go into oncology but didn’t get the position he wanted, so he figured he could cool his jets in a small town for a short while until he could get the job he wanted. As he and Kelly get to know each other, they find themselves more and more attracted to each other.

Will Callie be able to open her heart again, especially when she knows that Robert never planned to stick around? Will Robert want to stay if he finds the woman of his dreams? Which is more important, his dream job or the potential love of his life?

I’ve been a nurse in a hospital, and I have had a nephew who went to medical school, so I found some of these depictions of medicine to be inaccurate. Callie is a dedicated physician, and she interacts with her patients in ways that you just don’t see the small town (even though it would be awesome if you did). I lived in a town the same size as this fictional one, and our medical system was nothing like this. Also, the timing described for medical school and a residency with a specialty didn’t seem quite right. An oncology doctor would be unlikely to take a general practitioner job; even if he didn’t get his ideal position, he would still most likely look for something in his field. A small town practice, too, might pass over such a specialist, no matter how desperate they are.

Despite that, as a romance, it was still an enjoyable read.