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Call of Darkness*

Many Secrets Revealed in This Installment

Kelia is now a Sightless as punishment after all that transpired in the last book. Even though Drew had offered her escape, she wants to stay within The Society to learn more about why they killed her father. Rycroft is brutal and cruel, and he gets her to go along with a rather insane, harsh breeding program. Again and again, Kelia goes along with what Rycroft and others want simply because she wants to know the truth or wants to protect someone.

This is a dark, dark book. We don’t necessarily see all the darkness playing out in front of us, but it’s alluded to, and the effects of it are seen. Rycroft is pure evil. Drew risks himself by entering the fortress to see Kelia. Compared to the last book, he is active and bold. You can see the evolution of the way he cares for Kelia; it becomes something deep and meaningful (even if he still likes to goad and challenge her). Their relationship has changed them both, even if what everyone thinks—that they had a sexual relationship—is not true. Many secrets get revealed in this volume—and Kelia gets to understand more about her father than she wants to know–and the depth of the danger that Kelia and Drew have faced and are facing becomes increasingly evident. Those on opposing sides of this world both conspire for the downfall of Kelia and Drew and those who care about them in order to maintain the status quo or seek vengeance. The book is so horrifying at times, and it is a compelling read just to see what was going to happen next. What trouble would Kelia get herself into? How will she get herself out of it? Or will she be able to get out of it at all? When will Drew show up? Drews is such a complex character; he’s the kind of person I’d like to have my back.

Unfortunately, the book seems to have more than the average number of errors in grammar, punctuation, and usage; this was distracting at times. For instance, a word was randomly capitalized in the middle of a sentence; this word also needed some capitalization around it.