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California Can Wait*

Not as Good As Other Books by this Author

As one who’s really enjoyed Ms. Bolden’s first four novels of the Stonehill series, I was looking forward to this book. Unfortunately, compared to those stories, I didn’t feel like this one was as well written. Right on the first page, I saw a wrong word choice (a communicable disease, not a communal one). I felt like the couple, Andi and Graham, had a good rocky beginning as often happens in a romance, but they started to have an attraction to each other even during that which didn’t seem realistic. Their problems from the past seem like good fodder for motivations and conflict, but I didn’t feel the urgency or tension for most of the way along the story. The couple didn’t have chemistry for me. I thought the book ended too abruptly. Minutes before it ends, it looks like All Is Lost, but then it is resolved, and—BOOM!—the novella is over. I would have liked to have gotten a glimpse into more of the actual resolution and how they move on from there, both as a couple and professionally. As the one who adored that the author knew how to pull emotional heartstrings in the Stonehill series, I found this book to be a disappointment.