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Cadence Untouched*

First Chance at Love for Cadence and Fitz

Cadence, who’s taking on more of a role at her parents’ summer camp, meets Fitz on the first day of camp. He and a friend are there to do some community service. Fitz is a bit of a player and the son of a politician. He’s attracted to her when he first sees her and calls dibs on her with his friend. He is soon to find out, though, that she is not that kind of girl. Instead, Fitz and Cadence get to know each other, and a romance slowly develops into what is probably the great love of their lives. Fitz is hiding a secret, though, that changes the possibilities of where their relationship can go.

The author did an outstanding job showing the evolution of Fitz and Cadence’s relationship. Fitz actually did change over the course of the book. He became less of a player as he came to know and care her and was actually quite protective of her (until…). I didn’t like that in Fitz’s sections there was a fair amount of profanity. Looking at the book’s cover and reading the description, I expected something a little bit more gentle and sweet. I’ll admit to being disappointed with two things that happened towards the end of the book.

***** SPOILER START ******

I always hate, hate, hate when the hero seems to think that he has to pre-break the heroine’s heart by being a jerk instead of just allowing it to break on its own when he leaves her. And also, you knew when they didn’t use a condom that first time that a pregnancy was going to result, so it was disappointing when that happened. I just hate these two cliches.

***** SPOILER END *****

While I haven’t yet read the second book yet, I think the concept of having a duology that shows a couples’ first and second chances at love an interesting and even awesome idea. I enjoyed a second chance at love romances, and we usually just hear about the first round as characters reminisce with others or have memories, or it may be just revealed in a data dump. So it was interesting to read Fitz and Cadence’s first chance at love and how the characters grew and changed during that fateful summer. It will be interesting to see how these characters have turned out in book two.