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Brilliant Burnout*

Ways to Work Through Burnout

In this book, a long-practicing nurse practitioner, who has an interest in optimizing health as women age, takes a look at female burnout. In the first part of the book, she details the history of her own burnout as well as her professional interests in helping women. The first chapter is about classic burnout, and it starts with a list of questions to see where you fall on the burnout scale. At the end of this first chapter, she gives a few simple ideas that you can implement right away, and she suggests that you start with the rest of the book by picking the topic that seems most relevant to you and your symptoms of burnout. After that, she suggests going through a chapter a week, allowing for those with busy schedules to slowly taking what she has to offer. Further chapters explore hormonal components of burnout and keys to successfully overcome burnout.

In general, I thought this book was full of good information about burnout and what to do about it. Given the way that she suggests the reader approach the book, the structure of the book seemed counterintuitive. She suggests we choose a chapter about what is most bothersome about the burnout we currently face, yet the chapters are not arranged that way, and you have to poke around to figure out what chapter would best suit your needs. She does have appendices of supplement suggestions, and she does own a supplement company. One of the things that she espouses throughout the text is a low-carb, low-glycemic, high-protein diet, which from my own studies I do not necessarily believe is the best diet and certainly not the best for everyone.

If you suffer from burnout, you might find the discussion and suggestions in this book helpful. Like all recommendations for diet and supplements, you should do further research and perhaps discuss it with your healthcare provider.