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One Woman’s Journey of Self-Discovery and Solving Family Mysteries

The book opens with a woman is going on a run just after her husband tells her their marriage is over, and she flashes back on seemingly random things that have happened to her lately. This radical change in Inbal’s life starts off a chain of events. Her father disappeared when she was ten years old under suspicious circumstances, and she has never known the whole story. She decides she needs to get to the bottom of this and talk with her secretive mother as well as try to reconnect with her sister.

Will Inbal find the answers she seeks? What other things will she discover about herself and her family?

This is a beautifully written book in which the author cleverly interweaves past and present and takes the reader on a journey that is both physical and psychological. I love the way he wrote the first scenes. You don’t understand at first why she is running or the relevance of the flashbacks, but it all comes together neatly. I enjoyed the metaphors of the buckling sidewalk and the trimming of the tree. I was surprised when I got to the end of the book and saw that a man wrote this as his understanding of complex female relationships, as between mother and daughter or sisters, seems right on. The author plays with language in a way that is both literary and accessible, which doesn’t always happen.