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Bound By Blood*

Too Much Action, Perhaps?

This book had a lot of action for sure. At times, I felt it was almost too much, as the world the author has created is a complex one, and too many action scenes were stacked one after the other—not giving the reader (or characters) much time to catch her breath. This can actually be a bit tiresome and make a book hard to read. The heroine is an intriguing one, given her past and the hard choices she has had to make, but I didn’t feel like I was quite able to get to know her as well as I would have liked because there was just so much going on. I thought the use of italics was confusing. Sometimes they were for direct thoughts and other times just for emphasis; sometimes directs thoughts were written just in regular type. This sometimes it made it hard to distinguish what an actual word, phrase, or sentence was truly meant to be I thought the secondary characters, her companions, added depth and more twists and turns to the story.