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Booked for Murder*

Chick Lit with a Side of Mystery

This prequel to the Read Wine series introduces us to the three ladies who will be running the bookshop/coffee and wine bar. The first part of the book feels more like chick lit rather than a mystery. All the women seem to be at pivotal points in their lives when they decide to make open the store (divorce, losing a job, etc.). Soon, however, days before they get the shop going, things start to seem to go awry. Who is trying to thwart them?

This is a very short prequel that ends on a cliffhanger, unfortunately. The book does have some issues with formatting. I did receive an ARC of this, so I don’t know if the problem exists as well in the commercial download. I did check the 10% available on Amazon, but it ended just before the problems with formatting started in my edition. Along with these formatting issues, there are some problems with grammar, punctuation, and usage.

I like the interaction of the three friends, and I’m interested to see how that pans out in the rest of the series–as well as get that resolution did the cliffhanger.