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Blood & Holy Water*

Delightful Tale of Angel Trying to Earn Her Wings

Ava is a fourth order angel who is trying to get her wings by being part of a miracle which she believes requires a vampire ER doctor name Fin. She angel-stalks him, and he can see her, which he isn’t supposed to be able to do. He doesn’t believe he is worthy of a miracle. He murdered his wife twenty years ago and has been repenting by trying to save human lives as a doctor; he has even distanced himself from other vampires. But Ava believes that the miracle that will get her her wings involves him. She slowly starts to break down his walls, and they get to know each other. Then strange things begin to happen with murdered angels and murdered vampires.

Will Ava get her miracle and her wings? What sort of miracle might Fin need? What is happening with the murders of angels and vampires?

What a fast-paced, immersive read! Ava is such a sweetheart and a little naïve, but she has good intentions. Fin is complex with his challenging past and his desire to do good now; he cannot appreciate his own kindness and compassion. I enjoyed what went on in this story between Ava and Fin as well as within the greater paranormal community of vampires and the angels. I love the romantic aspect of this as well, as Ava and Fin would seem at the surface to be such different entities that they couldn’t have such an attachment. The love story aspect of this is sweet, with just a little cuddling but no explicit sex.

If you enjoy stories about angels and vampires with a romantic twist, you might enjoy this book.