Blind Love*

Love is Not Blind When the Heart Can See . . . 

What a beautifully written book! The heroine, Lauren, is legally blind due to retinitis pigmentosa, seeing only vague shapes and colors. Despite her limitations, she has built up a successful phone therapy business. The hero, Gabe, is renovating the other half of her duplex for his new renters. She can’t see the hero very well, but she likes his southern drawl and his scent. He, of course, finds her attractive and asks her out to dinner right away; she’s not interested and pretends she has a boyfriend. Both have some ghosts hiding in the closet, of course–both in terms of relationships as well as other aspects of their lives. He, in particular, appears to have secrets not only about his military past but his private life as well.

Will these two pursue their attraction, even though they both have reasons for not doing so? Will the secrets keep them apart completely or tear them apart if they get together?

The author has done a fantastic job of having Lauren express her world through the senses that she has available. When the book is from Lauren perspective, we don’t “see” her world; we hear, feel, smell, and taste it. As a very visual person, I found it interesting to enter a world where my favorite sense was denied me; what a different way to experience the world. Of course, when chapters were written from Gabe’s perspective, sight was used to describe events and surroundings. Probably because vision is denied in Lauren’s portions, Gabe’s visual sense of the world made those moments seem that much more strong.

The book had me laughing within the first few pages. I often work at home, so I could identify with Lauren’s issues, both with excessive sound from neighbors as well as having to get dressed on occasion! While I don’t have an adult onesie like Lauren, I do like to be comfortable.

I also appreciated that the author had in the back of the book place where you could learn about and donate to research into the reason for Lauren’s blindness, retinitis pigmentosa.