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Blade's Edge*

Excellent Romantic Space Opera

Having read a fair amount of science fiction when I was younger, I have to say I like the modern trend within the genre so much better. I love sci-fi with strong female characters and where there is a good gender balance. I have come to really enjoy, as well, sci-fi romances, which didn’t exist back in the day. It was more guy, “buddy” sci-fi. This book had so much going on that I love to see in a space opera: political intrigue, lots of action, culture clash, characters who make a big story personal, and of course, a little romance. I thought it was cool, too, that romance didn’t just exist between the hero and heroine. The author showed the loving relationship between an older couple as well; what a delight! There is so much going on in this book, but the author is able to give each character presence and voice as well as strong motivations, goals, and conflicts. I felt immersed in the world pretty quickly and didn’t want to stop until I got to the end. This world is so complex and the character so fascinating it is perfect for a series; I look forward to digging into the next book.