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Black Hollow: It's the Little Things*

Magically Delicious!

Kerry has come to Black Hollow to find her sister. We first meet Kerry when she’s checking into the only inn in town. She believes the proprietor, Mr. Sandman, is pulling her leg about the rules of the establishment that have to do with the likes of banshees, brownies, sprites, and dragons! So you might imagine that she lets out a scream when she meets a leprechaun who can change from being three-feet tall—a leprechaun’s average height—to being a size that’s more normal in the outside world. The two team up to both find her sister and work on the mystery of who is stealing from the leprechaun bank, which is what her sister came there to help figure out.

Oh, my gosh! What an incredibly fun and magically delicious read (oh, yeah, I went there!). While I understand that Black Hollow is a series, this is the first installment that I’ve read, and seriously, it is a delight. The book is written with great humor, which is what makes it so much fun. In setting up the magical aspects of this world, the author employs dry, tongue-in-cheek humor that is just a pleasure to read. To the inhabitants of the town, their abnormal existence is entirely normal; the author plays this up well but then contrasts it with Kerry’s reaction to it.

As I said, this is the first book of the Black Hollow series that I’ve read, but it certainly will not be the last.