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Birthday Pie Burial*

Who Would Murder an Old Main in His 100th Birthday?

Nearly all of Sunshine Springs has turned out for Edgar’s 100th birthday. Izzy is there supplying boozy and non-alcoholic pies for the celebration. Edgar’s plan for a big speech after the fireworks doesn’t transpire because, while the sky is alight, somebody shoots Edgar. Who in the crowd would have wanted Edgar dead? Initial thoughts turn to Edgar’s new thirtysomething girlfriend, but Izzy doesn’t think that’s quite right, so she and Sprinkles decide to investigate.

If you read the previous book in the series about fictitious Sunshine Springs located not far from San Francisco, then you know about Izzy, who owns Drunken Pie Cafe, and her Dalmatian, Sprinkles. Izzy is a would-be amateur sleuth who is now looking into a second untimely death. Like any good cozy, we have a small town with quirky characters and a plot that twists and turns, with a few red herrings thrown in. The author’s writing style is very easy to read, and Izzy is a smart woman who’s fun to watch as she tries to unravel the clues.

Oh, and I totally want to try the apple bourbon pie or the lemon vodka pie!

If you like cozy mysteries with a slight culinary bent and an intelligent heroine, you might enjoy this book and the series.