Beneath the Earth*

A New Member for the Harem and Troubles with Magic

In this installment of the Seven Wardens series, the pursuit of waffles has still not resolved! I love this silly little continuing theme in the series. What is more important is Macey has added another man to her harem. Something’s not quite right with her magic, and it turns almost violent as she has a strange compulsion to stay in the water and drag Ronan in. Other issues are going on in the greater world. Something is not quite right with Earth magic in Belgium, and the Great Orca is attacking the seelies. What will happen with Macey’s magic and Earth magic? Will the Great Orca be defeated? What will they do about the ever-present danger behind the Voice?

The book had some issues with grammar, punctuation, and usage. In particular, commas appeared to be missing between independent clauses in compound sentences, but that did not really detract from the fun of the adventures and characters in the book.

If you’ve enjoyed Macey’s and her men’s previous adventures, you will enjoy this next installment.