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Beauty in Death*

Who Killed Beauty?

Beauty, daughter of a wealthy family, is not enjoying her 21st birthday party; nothing is up to her standards. But soon, Beauty is dead, and Grimm investigations is helping the family figure out who did this.

Who killed Beauty? What other Secrets will tracking down the killer reveal?

If you read the previous book in the series, you are familiar with Michael and Monica Grimm’s PI company. They help people on both sides of their community’s social spectrum, the regular folks in Castle Rock and the wealthy people in Fairy Tails. As in the first book, I quite enjoyed the interaction and banter between the brother and sister investigation team. The way they interact reminds me so much of the interactions in my own family, so I found that fun to read. We learn more about their family in this book, which I enjoyed. I like how this book and the previous book are slowly revealing more and more about this unique and mysterious place where fairy tales live but often take on a macabre bent.

By the way, I loved the tiny bit written from Beauty’s perspective! Oh, my gosh! You could just tell how self-centered and unpleasant she was. Not an easy task to show a narrator’s true colors when they are not the best of people. I just wish there was more of it. Kudos to the author on that little portion of the book.

If you enjoy cozy mysteries that are wholly invested in the real world yet contain just a hint of myth and fairytales, you might enjoy this book and this series.