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Good All-Round Keto/IF Guidebook

In this book, fitness trainer Yara Guillard attempts to explain keto and intermittent fasting (what they are, the “science” behind it, and how to implement it) and give hints and tips that will help you live a more keto-friendly life if that’s your diet of choice. While I didn’t necessarily agree with some of her scientific statements—as an RN who has taken a lot of anatomy and physiology—I believe that much of the rest of the information is sound, like how to deal with the keto flu and handle social aspects of having such a restricted diet. Of course, since she is a trainer, the information about exercise is probably spot-on; she did also put out another book at the same time just on keto-friendly workouts. So long as you don’t take the science too seriously, I think this is a worthwhile book if you are following a keto and intermittent fasting plan.