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Bats & Bling*

Missing Brooch and Murder

Presley is happy to be providing a swanky gown for Veronica, a mover and shaker in town, for a charity Halloween event. Veronica is ready to dash off to dinner but doesn’t want to take the expensive brooch she brought to match to her gown with her, so she asked Presley to hold it for her in her safe. The next morning, the brooch is gone. Who has access to the safe? Was this some plan? Soon, though, there are more significant problems when Veronica turns up dead, and her husband disappears. Did he have something to do with it? Are the theft and her death linked?

Yet again we have another installment of this series without Cooper. I enjoy the books more when he is in them; he’s a great counterpoint to Presley. Katy is still in Chicago helping Presley run Silk. This book was shorter than the last two. I enjoyed the previous two because there were more elements to the mysteries involved in these longer works. This installment is relatively short, and the big murder doesn’t happen until close to the halfway point, not really giving enough time to develop the unraveling of the mystery. So compared to the previous couple of books, this was a disappointment. There are definitely some issues, too, with punctuation and grammar that were more noticeable here.

Still, if you enjoyed this series, you will most likely enjoy this one, even with its limitations.