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Cozy Mystery Novella Delivers the Goods

This delivers a wonderful mystery even though it is so short. Often, mystery novellas lack the key elements that are needed for good cozy mystery, like red herrings, quirky characters, and plenty of possible suspects. This book delivers in so many ways. I love Hillary as the amateur sleuth in this series. She has such an empathetic way about her that she is able to elicit stories and even confessions from people. I love her interactions with her group of friends and her daughter. The group of friends provides excellent humor, and they seem to act like real groups of female friends do. Hillary’s relationship with her daughter isn’t always simple, again like real life. In this book, Hillary does not approve of Annabelle’s relationship with the first prime suspect for the murder in this book. He’s a womanizer who lacks a moral compass according to Hillary. But the mother of a grown woman can only say so much to her daughter in the area of romance. Speaking of romance, things are slowly heating up with Hillary and Preston, which is a delight to see as this has been a slow burn for them in the previous books of this series. A well-done, character-driven quick read.

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