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Baskerville for the Bear*

Not Long Enough for Much Depth

After a divorce, Ruth is returning to her small town after 30 years as a reporter in the big city. She plans on restarting the town’s paper and restarting her life as well at the same time. A neighbor has been hunting on her property, her parent’s old place, but now she’s found a headless bear in a trap. While bear hunting is not illegal, trapping one is. When Ruth attempts to get law enforcement to look into this, she is brushed off. But Ruth will not be satisfied by this, and she starts to look into it herself.

This is a super short cozy mystery. I found it suffered from the faults typical of short cozies, specifically having a data dump at the beginning to set up the world and not having enough space to develop the characters and mystery. Aside from these two issues, the story itself was well-written with visual detail. If you think you might delve into the rest of the series, it is worth a read.