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Ballad of Discord*

Political Intrigue, Personal Tragedy, and Romance in the Scottish Highlands

Elizabeth, her sister, and her close-in-age aunt are living a peacefully idyllic life in the Scottish Highlands. A Frenchman upends their world when he convinces their father into a crazy scheme to fight for the crown of Great Britain as a Jacobite descendant. While this story has romance as a key element, much of the plot has to do with this political intrigue, and the hero and heroine staying one step ahead of those who would do them, and Scotland, harm. The book is quite unusual, actually, but it is quite a page-turner because of all that is going on. At times, I didn’t like how the hero and heroine mistrusted or treated each other, but in all, I did enjoy the book. The authors have created three intriguing heroines; the next two novels of the series will feature them, I imagine. The story is fascinating, and I’m looking forward to reading more about what happens to this intrepid family of Scottish women.

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