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Back Where I Belong*

Hero Deserves Better than Snarky Heroine

We meet the heroine, Susan, as she is standing in a church as the maid of honor at her best friend’s wedding. Susan herself has recently become engaged to Pete, a big-hearted southern gentleman. Susan is a hard-driving career woman, and she doesn’t quite seem to have adjusted to Pete’s big southern family. How will she and Pete’s relationship evolve during their engagement and marriage?

Susan, the narrator and heroine, is a difficult woman for me to like. She’s got a real hard edge to her, and she seems to not fully appreciate her gift in Pete and his extended family. She comes across as critical of the small southern town and the people in it, to the point of being insulting. She and Pete supposedly love each other, but as we come in just after they’ve gotten engaged, it’s not really clear how these two very different people came to love each other. Pete’s a solid family-man type, kind and loving, while Susan places more importance on her career and is definitely the yang to his yin, so to speak. Probably because I couldn’t identify with the heroine, I couldn’t really appreciate any chemistry between the couple. I just kept reading, hoping that she would change her stripes and become the kind of woman that a man like Pete deserved.