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As Sweet as Honey*

Light, Lovely Contemporary Romance

What a sweet and lovely little romance! You could feel for the heroine immediately with the troubled morning she was having. Right off the bat, the hero and the heroine had very good interactions and banter. The heroine definitely couldn’t stop her mouth to save her life, but endearingly so, and at times her statements were very funny, cringe-worthy, or insightful. The hero was definitely much more buttoned up, but as the book went along, he loosened up some. A lot of books call themselves romantic comedies these days and quite a few miss the mark, going over the top and trying too hard (which falls flat for me). This book, however, hit all the right comedic notes, both in what actually happened in the story itself, like one of the problematic situations that the hero and heroine find themselves in, as well as with the characters themselves–mercy, some of that girl’s thoughts! The book hit all the romance notes, too: the hero did perfectly swoon-worthy things right from the start, and some of the settings were very romantic. All in all, an entertaining, light read.