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Are You Afraid of the Dark Rum?*

Simply Fun Cocktail Book for Millennials (and Maybe Gen X!)

In this whimsical and fun cocktail book, cultural icons of the 1990s are invoked to inspire the children of that decade, now grown up, to explore the world of mixed drinks. The book is colorful, both in the many photographs and the playful design of the pages. The book starts with a little background on tools, glassware, basic mixing methods, and building a proper bar. The recipes are often twists on classic cocktails, while others are more original. The names of the drinks reflect the cultural milieu of the 1990s, often with a pun, like the Kimmy Gimlet (for Kimmy Gibbler of Full House) and Livin’ La Vida Coco. Even the title of the book refers to a 1990s TV show. The book ends with a few more helpful chapters about syrups and infusions as well as a 1990s playlist and a very short list of drinking games.

While I wasn’t a 1990s kid, graduating from high school in 1985, I recognized enough of the references to make me smile. As I said above, the book is beautifully photographed. The colors jump out at you, and you get a good look at what finished drinks look like. Reminding me of MTV’s Behind the Music, sometimes the pictures have little bubbles with trivia about the particular 1990s reference of the drink. The recipe headers also often talk about the 90s reference or about the cocktail itself.

The only thing I find strange is that measures like a half ounce and quarter cup are given in decimal rather than in fractions, and the decimals don’t have leading zeros. As one who has read a gazillion cookbooks, this just looks strange to me.

That being said, I think this is a fun collection of cocktails that any 1990s kid, or 1980s kid, might enjoy for both nostalgia and the fanciful drinks.